Emotions Poison Your Body! Emotions can become extremely toxic to your body on a cellular level!

In this article, I will be addressing the following questions.  How can emotions poison our bodies? How can we detox our body from toxic emotions in 3 simple, yet effective steps? I will also share with you a physical practice that is designed specifically to detox and regulate your emotions.

How Can Emotions Poison Our Body?

The general percentage of water in our bodies ranges from 60 to 75%. It can reach up to 83% of the blood and 94% of our lymphatic system.

Human Body water
Human Body water

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a preeminent scientist studying the unique characteristics of water, demonstrated in his work the effect music, words, thoughts, emotions and other vibrations have on water.  When exposing water to these vibrations and then freezing the water this would form crystalline structures.  These crystalline structures were then able to reflect the quality of vibrations it had been exposed to.

This is a picture of a water sample that was exposed to angry and hateful thoughts ↓ And this is a water sample that was exposed to loving and caring thoughts ↓
 Water Exposed to angry and hateful thoughts  Water exposed to loving and caring thoughts

Society teaches us, systemically, to suppress aggressive emotions like anger, frustration, hate, and anxiety.  The focus of this article is to understand the impact of suppressing these emotions on the body.

Notice how irregular and chaotic the form of the first picture in comparison to the symmetric form of the second. It is not a matter of beauty and symmetry versus chaos and irregularity. It is about healthy versus sick. This example will explain more, take a look at the two blood samples below, showcasing healthy blood and unhealthy blood, the irregularity of the unhealthy and the symmetry of the healthy is clear. No?

Ηealthy blood
Ηealthy blood

Uhealthy blood
Uhealthy blood
Another example in comparing healthy cells with cancerous cells. You will be able to see the same pattern. The healthy cells are symmetric and the cancerous are irregular.
Normal vs cancer cells
Normal vs Cancer cells

Emotions Poison Your Body!

We have learned that: 

1- Water is the dominant element of the human body composition that can reach up to 75% of the total body mass.

2-Emotions can alter the qualities of water.

3- The forms of healthy cells are regular and symmetric while the form of the unhealthy cells is irregular and chaotic.

In summary, If we systematically suppress our emotions, we will be systematically poisoning our cells and making them unhealthy by altering the qualities of water within the cells. 

How can we detox our body from toxic emotions?

To answer this question, I would start by what you should NOT do.

⊗ Do not bypass your emotions by keeping yourself busy and ignoring your feelings. Not only that your emotions will keep waiting for you, it will accumulate and build up inside of you, waiting for a chance to explode violently.

⊗ Do not classify emotions into good emotions that you can show and bad emotions that you should suppress and eradicate from your system.There are no good nor bad emotions. There are only emotions that are suppressed and accumulated until they become toxic.

⊗ Do not escape an unpleasant emotion by covering it with a pleasant emotion. For example, whenever you feel sad or upset, you try to create a happy place in your mind, without giving yourself a chance to stay with your sadness and see it through. Although you will feel a quick relief by escaping to your happy place, it will always be a short-term relief that will quickly disappear and guess who will be waiting for you? Your sadness multiplied by 1000.

 Do not focus on knowing why are you having an emotion, before actually feeling it. We have the tendency Now, how can we detox our body from toxic emotions?What I mean by emotional detox here is the process of releasing the excessive emotions, to obtain a state of emotional balance.

Emotions Poison Your Body!

1-Be Present with your emotion physically. Whenever you experience an emotion take a moment to feel it in your body. Learn where are you feeling it in your body and then learn how are you feeling it (i.e contraction, expansion, hot, cold, pulsing, painful, etc).

2-Be Aware of the nature of your emotion. Although we have many emotions yet they can be categorized into two main groups:

Aggressive emotions: Emotions that make you feel physically agitated, stimulated or that you need to move,  as in feeling that you need to hit something, shiver or extremely contract.

Passive emotions: Emotions that make you feel physically calm, heavy, down or that you need to be inactive, as in feeling that you need to curl your body, yield your shoulders down or depleted.

3-Balance your emotions physically. To gain emotional balance you first need to express the emotion that you have and then trigger the emotion that you need. For example, you feel an aggressive emotion like anger, you will need to physically express anger first and then trigger calmness as the opposite passive emotion.

In the video below you will find a practice that demonstrates how can you obtain emotional balance using your body, breath, and facial expressions. The purpose of this practice is to give you an example and as you go forward you can come up with your own movement following the same concept.

This process will help you embody an easy way to detox your body from the excessive emotions. As more, you will practice as more it will happen simultaneously whenever you have an emotional reaction, which will give you constant emotional balance and profound physical health.

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Emotions Poison Your Body

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